Keyword Research is the First Step in SEO
Keywords are at the heart of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 
Keyword optimization is the process of increasing the relevance of a webpage’s content to a given search query.

It’s a fundamental process in SEO because Google and other Search Engines aim to serve the most relevant content to their users.

Keywords are an underlying principle of Search engine optimization. No matter how hard you try, you won't get any traffic from Google or any other Search Engine, if nobody is searching for the content you have written.

That is the reason excelling at keyword research has a profound effect on your progress in Website Promotion. Making a mistakes can be very expensive. If the incorrect Keywords are selected, you risk burning through your time and assets.

What's more, I don't intend on scaring scaring you and Keyword research isn't excessively complicated. The fact is you're going to learn the vast majority of it in about 20 minutes. However, to make better decisions regarding SEO, you need to be aware of several significant distinctions and misconceptions.

What is Keyword research?

Keyword research is the method involved with finding significant pursuit inquiries that your objective clients type into web search tools like Google to search for items, administrations, and data.

Why is keyword research important?

If you distribute a page on a subject that nobody is looking for, that article will not get any traffic from Google (or other web search tools).

Numerous websites commit similar errors, and it's important to justify why 90.63% of pages on the web get no traffic from Google, as indicated in a recent review by ahrefs, shown below:

Pie chart showing 90.63% of pages get no search traffic from Google

In summary:

Keyword research ensures that there is signifigant interest for whatever your writing about. Therefore, if your website ranks well in Google it is because of targeted keywords, and you will be enjoying a constant stream of highly targeted visitors to your website as a result.